Emulador PSP


Emulador PSP

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Con este programa podras jugar juegos de PSP desde tu PC Windows

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 Download 1.0.1 zip 


 Download 0.9.9 .bar 


Download 0.9.9 .sis

 Descarga 1.0.1 APK


Download 0.9.5 .deb


Mac OS X 10.6 o superior (requieres SDL2, instalacion por medio de Homebrew)

Step 1: Install SDL2 via Homebrew

  • Download Xcode from the Mac App Store
  • Open Xcode, and let it download the required prerequisites
  • Quit Xcode and open the Terminal app.
  • Paste this into a Terminal: ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)”
  • Follow the instructions, and wait for installation to finish.
  • Paste this into a Terminal: brew install sdl2

Step 2: Download PPSSPP

 Download PPSSPP 1.0 (zip)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Working) (zip)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Latest) (zip)



Linux (requires SDL2, install using your distro’s package manager)Step 1: Install SDL2 via your distro’s package manager

  • Open a Terminal instance
  • For Debian/Ubuntu and their derivatives: Install the “libsdl2-dev” package.
  • For Fedora/RHEL and their derivatives: Install the “SDL2-devel” package.
  • For BSD-based distros: Install the “sdl2” package.
  • If your distro is not listed here: Try to find SDL2 in whatever package manager your distro uses. If you cannot, then compile it from source.

Step 2a: Download PPSSPP 1.0 (zip, amd64)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Working) (zip, amd64)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Latest) (zip, amd64)Step 2b: Download PPSSPP (i386)

 Download PPSSPP 1.0 (zip, i386)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Working) (zip, i386)

 Download PPSSPP (Dev-Latest) (zip, i386)

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